4 Reasons to Communicate Group Benefits Through Social Media

social media for group benefitsSocial media for group benefits

Traditional ways of communicating employee benefits include brochures, flyers, memos, emails, or posters. These efforts often go unnoticed by certain generations of employees, namely, those who count on technology to tell them what they need to know. You don’t want to abandon the usual methods of communication, but it is important to add a modern twist for sharing employee benefits: social media.

  1. You show that you’re the hip employer.

Millennials and generation Z employees have only known a digital life. Their way of gathering information is via online platforms, namely social media. While communication through social media may not be your first choice, conveying benefits information this way shows employees you’re on their wavelength and are willing to communicate with them in their preferred, non-intrusive manner so they can read about healthcare and insurance at their convenience.

  1. You can provide bite-sized, digestible info.

Through social media, you can present important and timely employee benefits information in bite-sized, digestible pieces. Younger generations simply aren’t interested in reading through every bit of benefits information – they want the bullet points, and social media is one way to deliver those details.

  1. It’s yet another way to convey insurance benefits.

Let’s face it, the fine print surrounding group insurance benefits can be a little much. Slogging through dense text is daunting and undesirable for an employee who simply wants to know what’s what. A quick tweet like, “Did you know our insurance plan gives you free access to a nutritionist?” or “It’s almost time for open enrollment – do you need to change your benefits?”

  1. It’s easy for employees to ask questions.

Employees may suddenly have an insurance benefits question: Who do I ask? Is it a ridiculous question? Maybe it’s better not to ask at all. Good, long-lasting employees are those who feel supported in their role within your company, and making it easy for them to query about insurance benefits is a great method of support.

Many people feel more comfortable sending question or comment via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platform – just make sure you have a dedicated, employee-only account (you don’t want all these details going through public channels) as well as a social media manager who is prepared to deliver questions to HR or an appropriate member of staff so the employee can get an answer quickly.


Integrate Social Media Into Employee Benefits Communication

You shouldn’t give up the traditional ways of communicating insurance benefits to your employees, but social media can boost your efforts and give you another way to let people know:

  • Open enrollment deadlines
  • Links to important forms
  • Details about health savings accounts
  • Tips about retirement savings
  • Links to relevant insurance info
  • Reminders of wellness perks
  • Links to in-network medical providers
  • Informational videos
  • Links to PDFs of hard copy insurance documentation

You can also keep your social media presence front of mind and regularly appearing your employee’s social media feeds by posting beneficial non-insurance related info like great recipes for one, exercises for those who sit all day or are on their feet all day, recommended yoga or meditation apps, best ways to spend your HSA, how to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Be where your employees are – on social media. And allow your Michigan group health insurance benefits expert to be there for you. Rely on The Benefits Group to help you communicate with your employees. Contact us today to learn more