3 Ways to Educate Your Employees About Their Michigan Group Benefits

3 Ways to Educate Your Employees About Their Michigan Group BenefitsMichigan Group Benefits

No two of your employees are alike, and the Michigan employee benefits they choose from your offerings will not be identical either. Whether they are selecting the best options for themselves, however, depends on how educated they are about the healthcare and insurance that are available. Here are some of the best ways to educate your employees about the Michigan group benefits that are available to them.

1. Communicate Regularly

Quite often, communication about benefits only comes up during hiring and open enrollment. Both situations call for some quick decision-making on the spot. Give your employees information throughout the year so they have time to digest it all and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Ask your broker for easily digestible breakdowns of the details – bulleted lists, one-page handouts, infographics – that are easy to read and absorb. Something as simple as a tidbit of the week email reminding employees to use the gym membership included with their benefits, or a heads-up at flu time that a Teladoc benefit is available so they don’t have to leave the house can make all the difference between disgruntled and happy employees.

2. Bridge the Online Gap

Some employees are genuinely disconnected – they simply don’t rely on the internet for information or regularly use email. Printed information is just as important as easily accessible online details about your Michigan employee benefits.

Create two comprehensive benefits resources – both offline and online – so you can satisfy the information-seeking methods of all your employees. Some people still like to sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen. Don’t ignore their needs because it requires a little more effort.

3. Allow for a Learning Curve

Encourage your employees to ask questions about their benefits. Hold a meeting or info session every month about the major benefits offered. You can have your benefits broker on hand to answer questions and make the information as clear as possible.

Addressing one item at different times give employees the opportunity to truly understand each portion of your company benefits and whether they need, for example, dental and vision plans, additional life insurance, or long-term care insurance. Explain the difference between an HMO and a PPO. Discuss why you offer the benefits you do and get feedback about the benefits your employees might like to have.

The Importance of Communicating Employee Benefits

Your employees may not realize just how many benefits they have available to them. They may not understand open enrollment or the perks of a flexible spending account. They may think they’re paying for benefits they’re not getting.

If you make communication about benefits a priority, your employees will understand that you are committed to their well-being, and their happiness and satisfaction with the advantages of working for your organization. Education about Michigan group benefits also means your employees will feel safe and secure about the choices they make.

Need help clarifying your message about Michigan group benefits into digestible, helpful talking points for your staff? Talk to a Michigan employee benefits expert at The Benefits Group to discuss your needs.