Health Benefits Employees Want

Smart Hires: 5 Group Health Benefits Employees Want from a Potential Employer

Health Benefits Employees Want

Salary is important. Location matters. Flexibility helps. But one of the biggest factors that influences whether a potential employee says “yes” or “no” to a job offer is the kind of group health benefits a company provides. Yes, employees love extra vacation days, paid sick days, and generous bonuses. However, good health insurance is often what tips the scales.

Here are just five group health benefits that will make a potential employee seriously weigh a job offer with your company:

  1. Customized Group Health Benefits

You don’t have to be all things to all employees when it comes to group health benefits, but having options certainly doesn’t hurt. Employer-sponsored group benefits programs allow employees to maintain control over the specific kind of coverage they want for themselves and their families. For example, a middle-aged parent of three will have different needs than a just-graduated, entry-level employee. When group health benefits are flexible in this way, more employees are likely to participate, and the more employees who take part, the better and more affordable group coverage will be company-wide.

  1. On-Site Wellness Programs

Adults are busy people, and wellness is not always a priority. It isn’t easy to get to the gym or to make time for an important doctor’s appointment. If your company does all that it can to facilitate good health, your employees will take advantage of what is convenient, which will make them more likely to thrive, be healthier, have fewer sick days, a smaller need to call on their health insurance, and productivity will be off the charts. It’s not difficult to imbue your work environment with wellness options, like fitness classes, a workout center, a roaming masseuse, flu shots, and more. The right employee benefits expert will help you figure out what benefits mesh best with your group health plan and what will be most attractive to employees.

  1. Voluntary Benefits

Offering an excellent package of general group health benefits is important, but employees also value a selection of voluntary benefits that are not typically covered under basic health insurance. Does your plan offer voluntary options for vision coverage, dental coverage, travel medical insurance, personal accident insurance, long-term care insurance, life insurance, and so on? Preventive care + voluntary healthcare coverage options = satisfied employees.

  1. Rewards and Perks

A benefits rewards plan can offer incentives that build up and carry over from year to year. Employees will be motivated to stay healthy and stay in your employ when they are promised rewards for their wellness efforts. Plus, you want employees to realize just how many benefits your group health insurance plan offers. Be clear to potential hires about the perks that are available, such as health savings accounts, twice-annual dental cleanings, on-site wellness facilities, nurses on call.

  1. Insurance They Understand

The jargon about health insurance and the myriad options for group health benefits can be confusing and overwhelming. Employees will feel cared for by you as an employer when you make it easy for them to understand exactly what kind of group health perks are available. Too much information and too much industry language makes it difficult for people to know what kind of plan to select, and your potential employee can be left feeling like they may not have access to the best possible coverage for themselves and their family – when a simple conversation could have eased their mind and secured their employment.

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