Offering Holistic Health Insurance Benefits Makes You a Better Employer

Offering Holistic Health Insurance Benefits Makes You a Better EmployerHolistic health insurance benefits

Discouraged by traditional medical care, many people are turning to holistic health options to fulfill their healthcare needs. Employers who offer non-traditional wellness benefits coverage are attractive to workers who want more from their Michigan employee benefits than the basics. There are plenty of ways to give prospective and current employees the preventive medicine and specialized healthcare services they want, and it helps to understand why they want it.

Understanding and Supporting Holistic Medical Care

Holistic health care, sometimes referred to as functional medicine, could be considered a back-to-nature, grassroots kind of care. The doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners in this field are interested in digging deep to identify the source of your health concerns, treating from within and not just treating symptoms.

Osteopathic physicians combine this holistic arm of healing with their medical training to offer a viewpoint that considers your overall health and wellness. If you go to your doctor with depression, they’re not going to just give you a medication – they’re going to ask questions about your entire lifestyle, including diet, exercise, environment, habits, and more. Seeing a doctor of osteopathy is big-picture medicine, not just a tiny focus on the problem of the moment.

For people who want to treat their health problems at the source, avoid pharmaceuticals, and improve their wellness from the inside out, having a group health insurance plan that gives them access to their care providers is attractive. Good holistic health insurance benefits can be the difference between an employee who stays and employee who feels no loyalty and has no problem moving on.

Help Your Employees Get and Stay Healthy on Their Terms

Your employees all have unique healthcare needs. One person may be single, healthy, and looking to simply maintain their wellness. Another person has a growing family and are thinking about pediatricians and labor and delivery options. There is an employee who has a chronic disease or a major diagnosis like cancer and he or she wants to supplement their treatment with acupuncture or other holistic methods.

Even if the healthcare practitioners your employees favor do not accept insurance, there are ways your company can help your valued employees get access to the kind of care they want:

• Health savings plans, so employees can take advantage of pre-tax benefits to pay for specialized health care services and practitioners.
• Gym memberships, to encourage overall wellness, even better if the gym is convenient to your location or within the building.
• Diet programs at a flexible cost to make eating healthier easier for every meal of the day.
• More sick days, mental health days, or personal days, so employees can take care of themselves when it’s needed most.
• Flexible unpaid time off, for when there just aren’t enough sick days to go around.
• Telehealth services, so employees can get the kind of medical care they need in the moment without leaving the comfort of their home.
• On-site care, like massage or meditation classes, for encouraging and maintaining wellness even during work hours.
• Healthy lunch options provided gratis on-site or at a discounted price for workers.

Providing specialized healthcare options to your employees isn’t always an easy path to take, but they deserve the best you can offer. Work with a Michigan employee benefits expert at The Benefits Group to discuss what insurance and group benefits are right for your employees. Contact us today regarding holistic health insurance benefits.