Remind Workers of Employee Benefits Before They Go on Vacation

michigan employee benefits on vacation the benefits groupVacations are supposed to be relaxing, a release from the norm, but crazy things happen. There are accidents and injuries that can throw the whole adventure off and leave employees scrambling to figure out whether their benefits can make their problem easier. Reassure your employees before they take off that you’re there to support them in their time of need, domestically or internationally, and so are their employee benefits.

Injuries and Illnesses on the Road Are Covered

A car accident. An illness. A health scare. Medical problems don’t wait for convenient times to strike, and they’re perfectly happy to show up when you’re on vacation. When your employees request time off, remind them of their health insurance benefits and the kind of coverage they have that will follow them wherever they and their family go, including convenient telehealth services or nurses on call.

If personal accident insurance is part of your Michigan employee benefits package, make it clear that, should something unfortunate happen during vacation, their family will still have financial security,

Travel medical insurance is the kind of perk that employees can easily forget they have if they don’t travel often. Knowing the healthcare coverage is there, even beyond the boundaries of the United States, eliminates at least one worry for your employee.

No Need to Worry About Work While on Vacation

An amazing benefit that (hopefully) you can give your employees at no cost to your company is free time, specifically tech-free time. Consider giving your employee permission to breathe and think of nothing but rest and relaxation while they’re on vacation.

If you’re in the kind of business that makes this possible, encourage employees to leave their work phone at home and their email behind. This move can truly rejuvenate employees and give them room to return to work feeling rested and ready to tackle what’s next. Plus, think of the boost to employee retention – they’ll love you for letting go.

Boost Vacation Days

Your employee has requested a week off. Imagine their joy when you approve the vacation time – and tack on two more days for good measure. This generous perk of unexpected paid time off can make your employee happy for many reasons:

  • First, hello, they’re being paid even though they’re taking time off.
  • Second, they have an unexpected opportunity to take care of things they’ve been putting off, like doctor appointments or home projects.
  • Third, they get to spend more time with family and strike a more agreeable work-life balance.
  • Fourth, just a few extra days can help employees feel happier and, as a result, more productive when they’re back on the job.

The Importance of Reminding Employees to Use Their Benefits

Employees may be wooed to your company by salary and perks but, over time, they will develop a routine. The benefits you have guaranteed them can be forgotten. Don’t let employees miss out on their benefits. Whether they’re heading out for vacation or not, make a point to remind folks about what they might be missing, from health savings accounts benefits to annual physicals, complimentary gym members to on-site wellness programs.

If you’re as invested in your employees’ health as you claim to be, make that clear. Highlight what’s available. Offer the benefits your employees want and need. Be the employer who keeps them happy, satisfied, and staying put. Rely on The Benefits Group to help you communicate with your employees. Contact us today to learn more.