The Best Time to Tell Job Candidates About Your Employee Benefits Program

hiring process michigan employee benefits healthbrokersWhen you believe your company has an excellent employee benefits program, when you’re interviewing a candidate who is ideal for your open position, you may want to divulge the details of group health insurance and more to woo him or her. Pausing before you overshare, however, is wise, even if you know your employee benefits could propel you to the top of the candidate’s short list. There is more to recruitment and hiring than dangling benefits like a carrot (though sometimes it doesn’t hurt).

When to Divulge Your Company’s Employee Benefits Program to Job Candidates

You want to hire the best candidate for the job. But you’re competing for the talent that’s out there. That might mean keeping your “secret” employee benefits weapon in your pocket until you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to seal the deal. Or maybe it means giving candidates the details much earlier.

Remember, the candidates are assessing you just as much as you’re assessing them. Consider the pros and cons of spilling the details at every point of the recruitment process:

  • In the job posting: You want your recruiting messages and job advertisements to attract the most qualified candidates. Giving some details about employee benefits in the job posting can be helpful, but you don’t want to be super-specific. You don’t only want the candidate whose job hunt prioritizes employee benefits – you want them to want you for lots of reasons. Being limited in giving details also gives you a bargaining chip to use later in the interview process.
  • During the pre-interview: Whether you contact potential job candidates via phone, email, or otherwise, pre-interviews are done to weed out people who don’t have the skills to excel in the position. You don’t want to waste your time, or theirs, with premature conversations about detailed benefits info if you know that person will never get the gig. Alternatively, if you fear losing an attractive candidate who is seriously entertaining another job offer, you may want to roll out the red carpet to your benefits to keep them interested in your position.
  • During the interview: As you interview candidates face-to-face (or at least screen-to-screen) you quickly form a list of who’s on top, and you may want to start selling your recruit on why they should choose you. If your benefits plan is top-notch, they’ll see that immediately, but don’t be afraid to point out what goes above and beyond the norm. Unconventional benefits like an on-site gym, nutritionist, daycare, ergonomic desks, travel medical insurance, and dental insurance with orthodontics coverage can be more attractive to an employee than vacation days or the highest compensation package.
  • The job offer: If you haven’t already talked benefits in detail, the job offer is the time to make your perks clear and give the candidate the opportunity to ask questions and potentially negotiate.

Make Your Michigan Employee Benefits Turn You Into an Attractive Employer

The finest potential job candidates are looking at all elements of your company – compensation, of course, but also environment, colleagues, perks, and stellar benefits. Your group employee benefits are a strategic bargaining chip in the hiring process.

When you work with the experts at The Benefits Group, you have support in developing desirable Michigan employee benefits packages for potential new hires to get them to accept your job offer – and to stick around. Benefits, when they’re good, bring the right people to your door, but they also help mitigate turnover. Contact us today to learn more.