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Life Insurance

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lifequotebuttonWe created a simple and easy way for you to purchase Term Life Insurance while engaged in your busy work schedule. The insurance companies quoted are some of the most highly rated and competitive in the industry.

For the first time ever, you will be able to choose a company based on all the factors that are considered by the insurance company when they underwrite a case. We show all the premiums from Preferred Plus to Standard along the same row. No longer will you be shown only one premium, only to find out later you qualified for a higher premium. The specific underwriting guideline chart for each insurance company is available for you to review. This allows you to match the lowest premium that best fits your profile based on the underwriting criteria used by the Insurance Company.

Once you decide on the Insurance company, product and amount just proceed to the Application Request form. The more information you provide here will greatly speed up the process in getting the application completed and into the insurance carrier’s hands for the start of the underwriting process.

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Getting A Quote

The simplest and easiest part is getting a quote using the Term Life Quote Engine. Once the information is completed on the input page and the "Get A Quote" button is clicked, the product comparison page is displayed. The first thing noticed, there are four rate classifications shown in each product strip. After the underwriting process is complete, the applicant can expect to receive an offer of one of these underwriting classifications from the insurance carrier if the application is not rated or declined.

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Need help to determine the amount of coverage needed to protect your family? This simple-to-use calculator is designed to help you step through the process

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