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Group Benefits

Choose the Right Group Benefits for Your Employees

Important factors to consider when weighing options for compensation packages include:

  • Will the benefits you offer draw in quality employees?
  • Are you interested in offering Michigan Group health insurance benefits?
  • Do you want to give employees the option to select dental benefits, life insurance benefits, travel insurance, and retirement benefits?
  • Are you concerned about controlling and managing the cost of Michigan employee benefits?
  • Do you want to offer different kinds of coverage to higher-level employees?
  • Do you have the staff to manage the administration of your group benefits?

You have an abundance of options when it comes to selecting your company’s group benefits in Michigan. This can make the search confusing and overwhelming. Having a guide through your selection process – as well as having help with the administration of the plan once you’ve made your selections – will ensure that you are getting the exact benefits you want for your employees and your budget.

Types of Group Benefits for Businesses

The Benefits Group offers the following programs and group benefits to businesses in Michigan and nationwide:

  • Life insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Group/Individual dental and vision insurance
  • Individual insurance programs

Our Agency presently serves:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Large Groups (100+ Employees)
  • Mid-Range Groups (50-99 Employees)
  • Small Groups (2-49)
  • Individuals and Sole Proprietors
Get Support in the Administration of Group Benefits

The Benefits Group has a dedicated staff of group insurance experts. It is our goal to help each of our clients select the best resources for their company and employees, and make it possible for you to outsource plan administration when needed.

Calculating the Cost Factor of Group Benefits in Michigan

Naturally, one of the biggest business concerns when providing group benefits to employees is just how much this endeavor will cost. Working with an expert from The Benefits Group will help you come to understand the difference between self-funded employee health insurance or fully insured employee health insurance. You’ll discover whether your best choice for group benefits is a traditional small group health plan, self-funded employee health insurance, or level-funded health insurance.

If your checklist includes, for example, minimizing risk, keeping costs low, and satisfying employees, there is a group benefits program for you. Getting the right group benefits is simply a matter of working with the right Michigan employee benefits corporation who understands the ways you want to control the cost surrounding employee benefits.

Don’t Settle for Less: Retain Your Employees with the Right Group Benefits

Employees take jobs for many reasons, and the right kind of benefits is one of them. You might be dangling a great salary or flexible hours in front of them, but if the group benefits don’t shape up, a potentially valuable addition to your team could be lost. Good benefits bring in good employees. Allow The Benefits Group to help you build and retain your team with the right Michigan group benefits. Contact us to ask your questions and learn more about group benefits.


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