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The Benefits Group: Providing Comprehensive Group Health Benefits in Michigan

About The Benefits Group

The Benefits Group, Inc. offers full-service Michigan employee benefits to companies in Michigan. With over 35 years of experience, we proudly serve our clients, both large and small, by delivering Michigan group health insurance and Michigan group benefits.

Serving Our Clients So You Can Serve Your Employees

The most important fact for you to know about The Benefits Group is that we are always here to support our clients. Your business thrives because of the right employees, and your employees thrive when they are taken care of by their employer. It is our job to help you determine the most appropriate benefits to offer your employees, and the best way in which to administer these benefits.

The Benefits Group has been licensed to sell insurance since 1978. We are guided by a business philosophy that emphasizes exceptional service, uniquely tailored benefits programs, and reasonable premium pricing.

Throughout our many years in the group benefits business, The Benefits Group has received numerous honors from our affiliates. Companies like Humana, John Alden, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare, and The Guardian have given awards of excellence for services in medical, dental, travel, and life insurance.

Count on the Experience and Expertise of The Benefits Group

Our team at The Benefits Group has a deep experience-based knowledge of the nation’s leading insurance providers. Whether health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, or otherwise, our experts negotiate the best possible premium rates for your company, while designing benefits plans that meet your specific needs.

Some of the benefits we help facilitate for your company includes:


Our Michigan healthcare agency presently serves Fortune 500 companies, large group companies (with 51+ employees), mid-range groups (with 2 to 50 employees), individuals, and sole proprietors.

Unique Resources and Support from The Benefits Group

Our full range of benefit programs are supported by HR 360, a complimentary benefits and human resources library. This thorough resource is intended to help businesses, benefits administrators, and HR representatives understand, apply, and explain group benefits.

Through HR 360 you can find answers to questions about:

  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Employment law
  • Personal finance
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • And so much more.

Insurance is not simple, and knowing you can find the answers to everything from basic to complex questions means you will be better able to serve your employees. The HR 360 online support system allows The Benefits Group to extend our personal touch with a healthy gathering of information that is there whenever you need it.

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