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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is an employee benefit that many employers do not feel obligated to offer. In fact, only about a third of employers provide vision insurance. Caring for the eyes, however, is an essential element of healthcare, especially in our modern culture.

Vision Insurance From the Benefits Group Can Improve Employee Productivity

Productivity is absolutely affected by healthy vision. With smartphones and computers part of nearly every job in some capacity, employees need good vision to make digital technology work for them – and your company – whether they’re sending emails, creating presentations, conducting social media marketing, conducting research, doing data entry, or otherwise.

Whether someone needs glasses or contacts 24/7 or just for reading, vision problems can affect productivity tremendously, reducing it by up to 20 percent. The worse an employee sees, the more time they often need to read, comprehend, and complete their work. Plus, when employees see better, they are more confident about their interactions with others, whether written or verbal. Being able to look someone in the eye without squinting, being able to read quickly without compromised vision – these are abilities that can be ensured with vision insurance and quality eye care.

Health Benefits Of Providing Employees With Vision Insurance

It’s not just the eyes that benefit from the TLC of vision insurance. Vision care is an essential part of health and wellness. Early signs of systemic afflictions like cancer, high cholesterol, and diabetes can often be detected by an optometrist. Identifying health problems sooner rather than later means early intervention, which ultimately reduces medical costs and claims, and minimizes time off from the job.

Annual, comprehensive eye exams for employees and their dependents are an essential part of overall health and wellness. Seeing better also means there is a reduced likelihood of vision-related medical emergencies, like car accidents, which would, of course, impact an employee’s ability to do their job well. Plus, avoidable accidents like this can increase the number of claims your company would have to cover.

Sample Vision Summary Benefits (PDF)

The Affordability Of Vision Insurance

Company costs for vision insurance is typically inexpensive in group plans, often costing less than $10 a month, sometimes far less. Coverage is usually broad with more in-network doctors. The typical benefits of basic employee vision insurance usually include eye exams with a low copay and prescription lenses, either glasses or contacts. There is usually an allowance that can be put toward the purchase of lenses, frames, or contacts. For many employees – particularly those who choose their eyewear options frugally and stay away from the designer frame display – this allowance is often enough to secure a pair of glasses with no additional cost.

Medical insurance usually covers more involved vision-related needs, such as eye surgery, eye disease, or accidents that damage or affect the eyes. Ultimately, vision insurance is a low-cost benefit for employees and a cost-effective way for employers to improve productivity and minimize health-related absenteeism and health care premiums.

Need Help Making Choices About Vision Insurance Options For Your Employees?

You can stand out from the crowd by providing your employees with a not-often-available benefit. If you offer vision insurance and your competitor does not, a great job candidate who is torn between two offers may be swayed in your favor because of the additional health benefits you provide.

Vision insurance also encourages employees to make eye care a priority for themselves and their family members so that they can see better, work better, and perform better. Vision problems are often genetic, and offering this benefit can make you a beloved employer. If your employee is nearsighted, farsighted, or has other eye issues that need to be corrected, there is a good chance their children will need the same kind of eye care. Affording exams, glasses, contacts, and other eye needs for an entire family can add up – vision insurance makes this important health care affordable and accessible.

As the insurance plan sponsor, employers often need to choose between including vision benefits with their health insurance plan or selecting a standalone vision insurance carrier. Understandably, you no doubt have questions about adding a vision insurance option to your employee benefits. Our experts at The Benefits Group will help pair you with the vision insurance carrier that is right for your company, employees, and financial goals.


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