Michigan Employee Benefits

Michigan Employee Benefits

Michigan Employee BenefitsThe best employee benefits are customized to each company and its unique collection of employees. Undoubtedly, you are searching for a Michigan employee benefits package that is designed specifically to your needs and provides value to your staff and incentive to potential employees.

Basic Michigan Employee Benefits

Quality, comprehensive group health benefits begin with thoughtful input from your human resources department combined with the knowledge of insurance experts who serve as personal plan advisors. Basic employee benefits can include any of the following:

  • Medical: Includes group health and medical plans for large or small businesses. Can operate as a self-funded employee health insurance, fully insured, or level funding. Can also include a long-term care insurance option.
  • Retirement/401(k): Includes retiree medical plans, broker-assisted 401(k) plans, and more.
  • Disability: Can include various types of disability, from short-term to long-term to statutory, as well as paid family leave, salary continuance, and more.
  • Dental and Vision: Includes group insurance plans and voluntary individual insurance plans.
  • Travel Medical: Can include single-trip or multi-trip medical insurance, as well as long-term major medical insurance for international travel.
  • Life insurance: Includes group-term life insurance that is employer paid, employee paid, or contributory. Can also include key man insurance, varying coverage for certain employees,

A smooth enrollment process, valuable online resources, and an accessible employee benefits corporation round out the basic Michigan employee benefits.

Why Employees Need Group Benefits & Employee Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of group employee benefits is that, in most cases, individuals who have health problems or limitations are eligible for coverage without inflated costs. This fact endears many an employee to their employer, reducing the likelihood of turnover and improving an employee’s job performance.

Designing an employee benefits package that is valuable to each of your employees requires flexible benefit plans. Employees’ health needs can change quickly and unexpectedly, and knowing they can rely on their group benefits is an incredible relief that reduces some of the weight of dealing with health or family crisis.

With businesses working harder to offer personalized benefits to their employees, the right kind of employee benefits package is administered by a company that can offer everything from health and wellness program to ACA compliant programs and more. The perks of an employee benefits package should extend not only to staff but also to your business as a whole.

Choose the Right Michigan Employee Benefits Corporation

Along with a broad menu of employee benefits options, it is wise to work with an employee benefits corporation that is:

  • Partnered with large networks of established, reliable group benefits providers.
  • Offers desirable, employee-rich benefits at better rates.
  • Understands compliance demands and is prepared to fulfill them for you.
  • Offers a resource library to help inform and simplify your decisions about employee benefits.

Employee benefits plan require ongoing maintenance, not just attention at times of open enrollment or renewal. Outsourcing your plan development and management relieves a burden from your HR team and ensures that you are getting the right answers and thorough answers to any questions about group benefits.

Work with The Benefits Group to Design and Maintain Your Company’s Michigan Employee Benefits

Group benefits can be complicated. There are regulations to comply with and information to be processed before you can even begin to explain the benefits you offer to your employees. Rely on The Benefits Group to answer your questions, take care of your operational needs, and help you serve the healthcare needs of your employees.

At The Benefits Group, we pair you with the right insurance carrier and employee benefits based on the needs of your employees, the benefits you want, and more. Contact us to work with an employee benefits expert who is experienced and ready to analyze your business needs and help you find the best Michigan employee benefits for your company.