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Travel Medical Insurance

If you are sending your employees on an international business trip, or if you are traveling abroad solo or with your family, travel medical insurance policies offer coverage for medical emergencies and evacuations. Travelers leaving their home country, especially those with pre-existing conditions, take great comfort in having travel medical insurance. Many regular insurance plans do not offer medical coverage once a policy holder leaves the borders of the United States.

Anything can happen during international travel, and with travel medical insurance, any accidents and illnesses are covered should you find yourself in need of medical attention away from home.

Types of Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Any injuries, illnesses, or accidents that can occur domestically can also occur internationally. Traveling to another country brings its own inherent risks and level of unpredictability but if you are traveling to especially remote areas, travel medical insurance is a wise idea.

There are typically three travel medical plans:

  1. Single trip travel medical insurance is the most common travel medical insurance. Coverage is provided for one trip that lasts up to six months. This policy is paid for up front and covers the entire length of your stay out of the country.
  2. Multi-trip travel medical insurance is a smart choice for frequent travelers, especially business travelers. Multi-trip travel medical is usually purchased in increments of three months, six months, or 12 months and covers multiple international trips.
  3. Long term major medical insurance is ideal for the regular traveler who never knows when he or she will be heading abroad. This type of insurance offers continuous medical coverage and is usually paid monthly.
What Services Does Travel Medical Insurance Cover?
Travel medical insurance is not to be confused with travel insurance, which offers trip cancellation coverage, trip interruption, baggage loss, and the like. Travel medical insurance provides benefits outside of your home network of health coverage such as:

  • Emergency transportation or medical evacuation services, such as an ambulance or air lift, from remote areas to an appropriate medical care facility.
  • Emergency dental treatment.
  • Reimbursement for unexpected medical or dental costs because of an accident, illness, or need for emergency medical care.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment and travel accident benefits.

Travel medical insurance plans are usually calculated based on the length of the trip, the amount of coverage being sought, and age of the traveler. Ultimately, the cost is mere dollars a day, making travel medical insurance a no-brainer for international travelers.

Who Needs Travel Medical Insurance?
While travel medical insurance takes the place of traditional medical insurance, relatively speaking, its plan benefits are not as numerous. However, lack of perks makes a travel medical insurance policy affordable. Whatever your reason for going abroad, knowing that you have travel medical insurance can ease the stress of being in an unfamiliar culture or unknown medical system.

International insurance resources are recommended for:

  • United States citizens traveling abroad
  • Visitors to the United States
  • International business travelers
  • Long term travelers or expats
  • Frequent international travelers
  • Foreign aid workers
  • Missionaries
How Long Does Travel Medical Insurance Last and Who Does the Plan Cover?
Travel medical insurance plans are available in various configurations with different benefits and coverage to suit the needs of individuals or groups of travelers, whether a family or business travelers.

Short term travel medical insurance coverage can be available from five days up to two years for groups of five or more non-related members. People who travel frequently outside the United States throughout the year can opt for a single annual premium plan that covers trips 30 to 45 days in length during a 12-month period. Often, up to $1 million in medical coverage and services is available.

Plans can be flexible, long term, and annually renewable. Learn more about the travel medical insurance options available to you. Discuss your individual or company needs with a representative from The Benefits Group to get the coverage you want and need for your travels.


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